Writing My Own Love Story

The woman you see today didn’t always exist. At least not in this lifetime.

If you meet me seven years ago, depending upon where you knew me, you would have met a different Amy.

In each environment, I was a different version of myself.

This isn’t necessarily entirely a negative trait. It doesn’t mean I wasn’t genuine or authentic. My ability to shape shift who I was in any setting was a trait I learned very young. Growing up in a home full of gaslighting and parents trying to maneuver through their own trauma, the ability to ‘read a room’ became an art I quickly mastered for survival.

While this ability served me very well in many ways, it was exhausting.

Truly. My health was terrible. I wasn’t taking care of my physical, mental or emotional being. Because not only did I not really know where to start, I didn’t even know what mattered to me!

In my own journey of discovery and growth I found myself rediscovering and meeting myself all over again. 

I began to discover what resonated with my heart, what ignited the fire in my soul, and what naturally propelled me forward toward building a purpose driven life!

I found myself falling in love…with me!

Over time, I came to realize I was writing my own love story, with me as the main character!

No one can provide us with the compassion, acceptance and love that we can provide ourselves! Many of us just haven’t been encouraged… or even shown how.  And over the last couple years, I have continued to write new chapters of that story.  And it is now my goal to guide others on that same rediscovery of self so they can also create and write their own love story.

If you are on your journey of discovery and looking for someone to be your guide, I would love to walk side by side on your path!