It is my mission to guide others on their journey of discovering their true self and embracing their unique blueprint.

This is a path I know very well. I spent years stuck in the cycle of comparison and self doubt. There was a time when all I knew was who the world told me to be and what I should want. I let all of that noise determine my personal value.

I woke up one day and realized I simply wasn’t living my truth. I knew there was a version of me who knew she was worthy of a fulfilling and purpose-filled life, but I was far from it.

It was this realization that led me down my own journey of healing and self love.

Are you ready to rediscover yourself, trust your intuition, and move through your life’s transitions with ease? I can help guide you in a safe and welcoming place where you’ll explore your deepest desires and needs through spiritually-centered coaching and intuitive healing.

Our work together will be transformational and lead you to a place of self-acceptance and joy. Let’s get to work discovering your personal human design, and create your road map for growth so that you can turn your life into one of purpose and fulfillment.

About Amy

Amy Cox, MBA, SPHR, SHRM-SCP, is a Certified Life and Spiritual Coach, with a specialization in Human Design, Mindfulness, and Intuitive Healing. In addition, Amy earned her MBA and holds multiple certifications in both Leadership and Human Resources.

Combined with over 20 years experience leading teams and coaching leaders across multiple industries, Amy provides her clients with the tools and roadmap to living a soul-driven and purpose-filled life.