Dance Party!

Growth isn’t linear.

It’s normal to want the change we desire to happen NOW! There is so much coming at us from every direction not only telling us how we can achieve it now, but implying if we were strong enough, good enough, disciplined enough, worthy enough….we would.

 Messages that tell us if you just buy this, or give up that, or don’t do that, but do this, or all of the above….then you can get to finish line and have it all now!

And honestly, when that was my approach, I did see results quickly. But they didn’t last.

Because the growth and change was built on what everyone or everything else said I should do. And I couldn’t figure out why “it” wasn’t working for me! Which left me feeling like there was something wrong with me. Which left me victim for the next “get fixed quick” idea out there the world was trying to sell me.

But then I met people, one by one, who taught me I didn’t need to be fixed. They taught me there wasn’t a finish line. Instead, I was encouraged to explore. Encouraged to challenge. Encouraged to feel. Encouraged to enjoy the dance!

I began to discover what growth meant to me. And it wasn’t a specific job title, or specific number on the scale or a size of clothing, or living in a certain neighborhood, or a specific relationship status. I’m fact, my growth is quite contradictory to everything the world tells me I should be striving” for.

My growth is a beautiful dance! Sometimes I stumble when learning a new step. Sometimes I step on some toes. Sometimes people don’t understand my style of dance. But every step of this dance, I am leading my movement, allowing my growth to move with the flow of the music in my heart, and it is beautiful.