The Fool

Yesterday I attended a networking event. I had been invited a couple times and hadn’t accepted. I’ve always viewed these events as a cover for high pressure sales where you have to put on the mask and play the game. Everything I have tried to walk away from “having” to do in my life now

Until yesterday. Yesterday I stepped outside my comfort zone. I should say I took a flying leap out of my comfort zone! I decided to take The Fools journey (for my non-tarot loving friends….The Fool is the first card in the Tarot journey and represents taking the leap of faith….regardless of the lack of confidence, stability, or knowing what’s at the ‘other end’). I said yes!

I was terrified. Terrified I wouldn’t feel safe. Fearful I wouldn’t honor myself. I was quickly losing control of my internal dialogue.

And when I get in that state, it is prime opportunity for my inner critic to take advantage! She thrives on these moments and will gladly take the wheel & put her favorite destination into the GPS:

“Siri… what is the fastest route to the valley of comparison & self loathing?” 🤦🏻‍♀️

Wanna know what actually happened?

Everyone was lovely. Truly! They were kind, authentic, curious and welcoming. Even though there were a lot of people, the organizers purposefully MADE SPACE for everyone.

AND… a large portion of us visiting were businesses owners building their business on a wholistic and soul driven mission. Something the group members said they hadn’t ever seen before. Truly the UNIVERSE at work there!

But the part I really want to share are the beautiful gifts in this experience.

✨One, The Universe taught me a huge lesson in where I still have bias.

💜Two, the Universe reminded me I was enough. Exactly as I am.

🔥But most importantly, the Universe taught me I was always enough.🔥

And the biggest obstacle in my way was MYSELF! My fear. My focus on expectation of others versus maintaining the integrity of who I am.

I’ve come a long way. And I’m very proud of the awareness I gained yesterday. And the courage to take the leap. I’m proud of my ability to see where I still have room to grow AND still love myself for where I am.

As someone who is building a brand on guiding and helping others, I take pride in being vulnerable & real with you. I am not perfect, and I will never pretend I have it all figured it out. I still have so much to learn.

But I do know what it’s like to be on this journey.

And I do know how to hold space for myself, and you.

And that is where the magic happens. That is what allows us to not just find out magnificence, but experience it in its raw beauty.

If you are feeling lost, I would love to be your guide. Reach out and we create a unique journey designed specifically to rediscovering the magic you already hold within!

**Side note for my card reading, Tarot loving friends, this is the Healing Light Tarot, by Christopher Butler**

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